Dan Wilson on the sincerity of Taylor Swift


The A.V. Club: How do you decide what songs are yours to sing and what songs are someone else’s?

DW: If I write it with someone else and they want to sing it, it’s for them. My philosophy for several years has been that if I’m writing a song and can’t imagine myself…

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American Girl
Taylor Swift - Taylor Swift - Unreleased (699)


American Girl, as asked.

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Speak Now Album Favorites

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I have zero self-control in kitchen stores.
- Taylor Swift (x) -
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I’m captivated by you, baby, like a firework show.

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It’s like how I’m perceived to be constantly going out with people. I’m just not. It’s like she’s a hopeless romantic so she’s a serial monogamist, always dating. They look at me and think: ‘Oh she has to be in love or she’s not happy.’ It is possible for a woman to be a romantic but also to be single and to be happy. I am single, to be honest being single is one of the best things about my life right now. And whatever people think I actually love it.”

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She is an extraordinary star. I did an entire 60 page with her in 8 hours, not many people can do that, so big fan of hers.
- World Renowned Photographer Nigel Barker onTaylor Swift (x) -
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I’ve heard most of the new record which is pretty, pretty good. Very, very good. The standard just keeps getting raised. When you hear how good the songs are on the last record and then you hear these ones… It’s weird, she’s just growing as a songwriter, I guess.
- Ed Sheeran has heard most of Taylor Swift’s new album (x) -
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